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Hi there. Come on in. Don't be shy.


The Law Lighthouse is where I help other family lawyers work smartly and happily to benefit their clients, themselves and their bottom lines!

I shine a light on the parts of your family law practice that are holding you back and that you have been too busy putting out fires to think about properly! 

Get Started Here...

I've pulled together some great resources to help make your practice (and life) easier...

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"Which Process?" Cheatsheet

Explaining to a client the various resolution options can all get a tad overwhelming for them and you - the client's eyes can glaze over very quickly!

Make the explanation straight forward and easy to follow with this free resource. Use it during your client consultations and give it to clients to take away as a reference tool. 

The Law Lighthouse Group

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This is the place where you and lawyers like you come together privately to seek out advice, get inspired and support one another.


Oh, its also where I hang out, sharing totally do-able, practical ideas and resources and generally chat with you about legal practice and life as a family lawyer generally.

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The Law Lighthouse Blog

I've made lots of mistakes in practice and experimented lots! The Law Lighthouse blog is where I share what I've learned so that you don't have to repeat my mistakes (or, if you're already making them, find a way to stop!). 

Grab a cuppa and come on into the blog.

I Get It!

I get that being a family lawyer means you are likely to experience some or all of the following:

  • Waking at 3am to worry about a difficult client or a child you are acting for;

  • Dreading taking a phone call from that particularly difficult colleague or feeling sick in the pit of your stomach at the unreasonable email you’ve just received;

  • Worrying how you will make fees budget and get those fees paid promptly;

  • Frequently thinking “I am not good enough”, “I am screwing this up”, “I have no idea what I am doing” or “There must be a better way!”;

  • Working long hours only to get to payday to realise you are being paid less than your staff - again;

  • Coming home from a day of frantically putting out fires and not want to speak to anyone;

  • Catching yourself at your desk, daydreaming of a different job.

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I get it because I have been there!

I was ready to quit family law. I loved the law. I just didn't love who I was as I practised it. I didn't love what it did to me, my loved ones, my clients and their families.

So, I made it my mission to find a different way - one where I could work with greater enjoyment, a whole lot less stress and that benefited my clients who were willing to pay me well to do it.

Speaking with the Judge

Cilla Dickinson, Barrister

“I have had the good fortune of participating in several workshops facilitated by Selina. Selina’s energy and passion for collaborative law is truly inspiring. Selina exudes competency and personal commitment to practice family law in a manner that is respectful and robust to best achieve settlements to meet the needs of parties and their children.” 

Making Notes

Karen Monet, Barrister

“Selina and I have each been appointed to a collaborative process by our respective clients numerous times. Numerous times the incredible outcomes achieved, I believe, have been due to the level of skill and experience Selina brings to the process. The standard of training and presentations by Selina reflects the excellence that is always associated with anything Selina is involved with.”

What others say...

Want to get regular tips for achieving the practice you want? Want to engage with a community of like minded lawyers to support and learn from one another?

Then head on into The Law Lighthouse's private Facebook Group.

Read more on The Law Lighthouse blog page...

“The purpose of an attorney is to reunite hearts that have been divided.”

- M.K Gandhi

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