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Download my FREE Guidebook and learn how to avoid the 8 biggest mistakes women make in their separation or divorce!

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Perhaps you are thinking about separating. Maybe you have just separated (like, only a moment ago!). Or you may have been on the path to divorce for a while now.

Perhaps you drove the decision to separate and are feeling relieved. Or does it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under you, causing you to lose balance? There are probably days when the view from under your duvet is all you feel up to facing.

Wherever you are at, your brain has no doubt been whirring endlessly – how did this happen? what will happen to the children? how will I make ends meet? I don’t want things to be nasty-how do I avoid that? Do I need a lawyer? Cripes, how do I get a lawyer? Can we do this without lawyers? How will we deal with parent-teachers night next week? Why can’t I sleep? How do I avoid this getting costly? Should I get counselling? How will I do this on my own…?

There is a reason separation and divorce are regarded as one of life's largest stressors - It can be an anxious, overwhelming, mental and emotional merry-go-round.

The Divorce Lighthouse lights a way forward for you that has less overwhelm, less stress and less acrimony.


An experienced family lawyer and conflict resolution guide, I have helped my clients navigate their divorces confidently and with clarity.

Now I can help you do the same.

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Move through your separation and divorce journey with greater...





Take the first step

to get greater clarity, confidence, calmness and cool...

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Avoid the 8 Costly Mistakes Women make in their Separation or Divorce

Download for free my guidebook and learn the 8 biggest mistakes I have seen other smart, on-to-it women make in their separations or divorces. Most importantly, learn how to avoid making them yourself!

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Your Essential Separation Tool FREE Workshop

In this FREE online workshop, discover an essential tool that will help you move through your separation or divorce with less acrimony, less stress and less cost! Say goodbye to the overwhelm and confidently be able to clearly and calmly answer that question on repeat loop in your head – “What Do I Do Now?”

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The Divorce Lighthouse Inspo Pack

We can all do with some inspiration at times so we’ve pulled together some of our favourite quotes and made them gorgeous. Simply download them and print them or use them for your phone or computer lock screens and enjoy the lift they’ll give you!

"Above all be the heroine of your life, not the victim"

- Nora Ephron

Come on in to The Divorce Lighthouse private Facebook Group

Come on over and be social with me in my private group on Facebook.

This is where you will be first to get my ideas and tips for making life easier for you along with truckloads of support from me and other women - and generally shooting the breeze...

"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together"

- Marilyn Monroe

Read more on The Divorce Lighthouse blog page...

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Avoid the 8 costly mistakes smart, on-to-it women make in their separations and divorces!

Download my free guide now.

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