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Welcome to The Divorce Lighthouse Blog


I am so rapt that you have dropped into The Divorce Lighthouse blog!

If you are thinking of separating or are currently going through a separation or divorce, I am picking you are facing a pretty challenging time right now. Wherever you are in your separation journey, I know you will already have had a whopping share of overwhelm, confusion, hurt and grief, right? There is a reason why separation and divorce are ranked as one of life’s most stressful events! In creating this blog, my hope is you find some of the answers you are looking for and that your future self will one day look back and think “Thank goodness I found that blog!”.

Let me start by reassuring you of this: your separation and divorce needn’t be one of the horror stories you have heard. You KNOW the stories I mean –

acrimonious separations that cost you too much emotionally and financially, children who become highly anxious about their parents coming into contact with one another because they fear yet another “scene”, parents who can’t speak with one another, leaving their children to pass messages between them (and experience the fallout of a negative response by the receiving parent!); high legal costs and long, drawn out court cases or negotiations between lawyers' disgruntled tales of being “taken to the cleaners” by an ex-partner.

There is another way! None of what lies ahead is predetermined or out of your control, even if it feels that way at times. You CAN create a different divorce story for yourself and your family.

Imagine: having the clarity you need to be able to roll with every twist and turn in the road ahead, having the confidence to calmly have those difficult conversations with your ex.feeling cool, calm and collected and you work your way around the finances and negotiations, your children growing up and feeling comfortable having both their parents and all their other significant family members in the room together for important events.your children feeling thankful that their experience of their parents separating was so much better than the horror stories their friends tell. Coming out the other side of your divorce, confident of a bright future.

This is all possible (and so much more). For over 20 years, I have worked as a family lawyer with savvy, awesome women like you. I made it my mission to build ways to help my clients reduce the angst and the stress in their separations, allowing them to create a brighter future for themselves and their children.

It is possible. I have seen it done. You deserve to have the same for yourself and your family too. So, be sure to catch my blog and join me over at The Divorce Lighthouse Group where I share even more goodness each day!

Selina-jane xx

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